Agricultural Polymers

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What Are Agricultural Polymers?

Experience the transformative benefits of agricultural polymers and elevate your growing practices.

Agricultural polymers are specialized substances used in farming for various purposes. These advanced materials play a crucial role in enhancing water management, improving soil quality, and promoting efficient nutrient delivery in agricultural practices. By utilizing agricultural polymers, farmers can address challenges such as water scarcity, soil erosion, and nutrient deficiencies. These polymers assist in retaining moisture in the soil, reducing water runoff, and improving soil structure. They also help in nutrient stabilization and slow-release, ensuring optimal nutrient availability for plant uptake. The use of agricultural polymers leads to improved crop productivity, resource conservation, and sustainable farming practices.

Harvesting leafy green lettuce.

AgriGator+: Stabilizing Soil Aggregates for Healthy Crops

AgriGator+ is our signature premium agricultural polymer blend. Typically applied after soil has been worked into proper condition for planting, this solution travels with water through the soil, following its natural path and binding to the negatively charged clay particles on the aggregate surfaces. These bonds form a flexible and resilient web around the aggregates allowing them to expand and contract without disintegration. The result? Stable aggregates that uphold proper soil structure throughout the entire crop cycle. Unlock the power of AgriGator+ and witness improved soil condition, enhanced water movement, and superior crop performance like never before.

Applications: strawberries, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, and other row crops.

PeneGator+: Enhanced Penetration and Superior Nutrient Delivery

PeneGator+ is an advanced agricultural polymer blend enriched with essential calcium. By combining the soil-stabilizing benefits of AgriGator+ with the penetrating power of calcium, PeneGator+ goes deeper into the soil, promoting enhanced soil health and improved nutrient uptake for your crops. The added calcium also contributes to vital plant processes such as cell division, enzyme activity, and nutrient absorption, resulting in healthier plants and higher yields. Unlock the full potential of your crops with PeneGator+ and witness the transformative impact on your agricultural success.

Applications: citrus, nuts, grapes, stone fruit, tomatoes, and other permanent crops.

Agricultural applied to permanent crop soil through drip irrigation.

Benefits of Polymers in Agriculture:

  • Increase Water Retention
  • Enhance Nutrient Availability
  • Prevent Soil Erosion
  • Reduce Compaction
  • Improve Seed Germination

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