Agricultural Equipment

AgriGator offers a wide range of high-quality agricultural equipment designed to complement our premium agricultural products.

Gypsum Silos

Silos bring significant benefits to your farm, including efficient storage, cost savings through bulk purchasing, and improved quality control. Silos provide easy access and handling of stored materials, ensuring convenience and streamlining farm operations. With their versatility and value retention, silos are a valuable asset that optimizes storage capacity and enhances overall farm efficiency.

Dry storage silo for solution gypsum in the field.

Solution Injection Machines

Injection machines are essential tools that enable precise and efficient applications of Solution Grade Gypsum. These specialized machines are designed to accurately inject the liquid gypsum solution directly into the soil, ensuring uniform distribution and optimal coverage. By utilizing injection machines, farmers can effectively improve soil structure, enhance nutrient availability, and maximize the benefits of Solution Grade Gypsum for their crops. 

Solution injection machine from Spraying Devices Inc.

Pumps & Motors

At Agrigator, we specialize in providing farmers with top-quality agricultural pumps and motors from leading manufacturers. Our extensive selection includes a wide range of pumps and motors designed to meet various farming needs, from irrigation and fertilization to fluid transfer and crop protection. We understand that reliable equipment is crucial for your operations, which is why we not only sell high-quality products but also offer superior service and repairs.

HyPro D30 pump and gas motor on tank trailer.

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