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"AgriGator is a very easy company to describe to my growers. They are simply THE BEST at what they do. As a customer I feel like a valued commodity. No matter when I've needed them or where I've need them, they have been there. I would recommend them to anyone who needs this service. Tim and Marcelino are the best at what they do. I have been a customer for decades and I recommend them wholeheartedly."

Randy Kazarian
Kazarian Vineyard Development

Randy Kazarian - Kazarian Vineyard Development

"AgriGator service and products are top notch. From their clean installation of equipment, with excellent follow-up service and helpful tips, to their nearly next day delivery of gypsum loads and other high quality soil solution products."

Mark Smith
Smith & Sons Pistachios

Mark Smith - Smit & Sons Pistachios

Farming is a complicated and challenging business. Many decisions must be made regarding what to plant, when to plant as well as all the everday routine requirements for the crop in question.

The qualifications for successful crop at harvest are the cultural practies and the soil's condition. AgriGator has been instrumental in helping me achieve success by working with me to build up the soil as well as make sure that all the nutrients applied will create the growing environment for healthy productive crop at harvest.

I have been a custom or AgriGator for serveral years. They have provided me with quality solution gypsum at a competitive price. Their service and knowledge have exceeded my expectations. When I place an order with AgriGator, I can count on the delivery of solution gypsum as negotiated. On occasion, when I have had trouble with equipment, I call Tim Anson at AgriGator; he has given helpful tips as well as come on site to help resolve issues.

It is without reservation that I highly recommend AgriGator, as well as the top-quality solution gypsum they provide.

James Avila
J.G. Avila Farms


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